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Arbortext 6.0M040 has been released!



 Is it too late to call attention to the Arbortext 6.0M040 release?



 Arbortext 6.0 New Release

This release has been available since late March, but we’ve only taken a look through the release notes. As always, we're impressed and excited to begin using the new release.

Here are some highlights for Arbortext Editor and Styler:

Resource Manager improvements

  • Adds a new graphic preview and support for Favorites
  • If you are using DITA, you already know the Resource Manager provides helpful tree navigation to help you organize topics, graphics, and more.
  • The new preview helps you find the graphic file you are looking for right away.

 DITAVAL Support

  • DITAVAL files are the standard method for performing conditional processing in DITA.
  • This is a key compononent of the DITA standard and demonstrates PTC's commitment to expanding their support for this popular data standard.
  • DITAVAL processing occurs before profiling in PCF files, but both may be used.
Editor enhancements
  • Changes to the Modify Attributes dialog
    • Element name is displayed
    • Attributes listed in alphabetical order
    • Required attributes are identified with an asterisk
    • Multiple configuration options
  •  Integrations with PTC Support from the Help menu


  • Intelligent graphics support for Creo View files
    • Arbortext Editor includes an ActiveX control for Creo View Consumer, similar to Arbortext IsoView.
    • Search on intelligent graphics inside the Arbortext Help Center for more details.


  • Improved handling of duplicate IDswhen doing a paste
    • Duplicate IDs within a document are handled better with a number of options
    • New IDs can be generated when pasting


  • Preview a Dynamic Document in Windchill without opening the object in Editor


Styler enhancements
Note:  an update is required to take advantage of the new features!
    • The new Stylesheet version will not work with earlier Arbortext software versions.
    • Clients and servers must be on the same stylesheet version.
    • Some APP source edits need to be reviewed against the release notes.


  • Property set enhancements
    • Property sets can now be differentiated for output type.
    • Property sets can be used to produce generated text, at last!


  • Usability enhancements 
    • Search your stylesheet for specific property and value pair occurrences.
    • List Elements not in the current doctype.
    • List Only Elements in the current doctype.


  • The HTML5 tag set is available as an output type

Like any new Arbortext release, be sure to do your homework:
  1. Review the release notes for any bug fixes that impact your project.
  2. Note any changes you must make to account for new features (e.g. update those stylesheets).
  3. Download, install, and test the new release in an isolated development environment.
  4. Summarize the release changes to your project stakeholders and set up a deployment plan!

Learn More

You can download this maintenance release here:

Log in with your PTC User ID and select "Order or Download Software Updates".

The full release notes are available here:


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