TerraView is an enterprise content delivery software solution that enables users to intuitively search, access, and collaborate on information retrieved from business applications such as PTC Windchill, Siemens Teamcenter and SAP. Using TerraView, organizations of all sizes are able to drive new levels of productivity with immediate access to product, parts, and service data that helps teams work smarter and complete tasks more efficiently.



Access Information in Real-time

Gain access to your information at any time and from anywhere. TerraView provides unmatched flexibility in data access through a highly customizable server-based interface. TerraView gives users nearly limitless ways to search, view, organize, and print any online content.

With TerraView, it's easy to compile data from multiple sources and standards including PDF, ATA 2200, S1000D, SCORM, and MILSPEC, and then filter out irrelevant material to create a single source for part or service information. Access to this information can also be defined so that only authorized individuals or groups are allowed access to specified documents.


Work Smarter

TerraView connects seamlessly with existing product lifecycle management (PLM), service lifecycle management (SLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and content management systems (CMS) to streamline delivery of up-to-date part and procedure information. More importantly, TerraView does more than just connect these systems; it makes navigating their information a breeze. The tabbed document interface allows users to switch between searched documents that can then be bookmarked for rapid retrieval.

Even when information is distributed across different sources, it’s easy to establish links between multiple documents or to other parts of the same document. As a result, users can better rely on part and procedure information to help minimize errors, rework, and equipment downtime.  


Complete Tasks More Efficiently

TerraView users have access to an array of purpose-built modules that are designed to streamline engineering and maintenance tasks. These help users to reduce costs and complete projects faster while ensuring that information is up-to-date.  

  • Engineering – Receive regulatory safety notices, perform applicability and impact analysis, create engineering orders for implementation of non-routine requirements, and tie engineering orders to product configurations.
  • Tech Manuals Library – Import, catalog, and search all system maintenance, fault isolation and diagnostic, and reference information.
  • Job Cards – Create and manage job cards to address maintenance requirements, record maintenance accomplishments by job card for operator and regulatory compliance.
  • Maintenance Schedule – Create and maintain a maintenance schedule based on OEM requirements, associate maintenance schedule with the parts and maintenance tasks.
  • Style Sheets – Produce industry-standard documentation with the click of a button using pre-defined style sheets.
  • Form-based XML Editor – Update document content directly without the need to edit the raw XML with an easy to use what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WISIWYG) environment.


Vector graphic supportSupport industry standard document and image formats.


To evaluate TerraView, contact sales@terraxml.com.