TerraView 2014S: New Features and Enhancements 

TerraView 2014S

TerraView 2014S provides users with high value functionality for seamlessly accessing technical information in mobile and disconnected environments. A feature-rich release, TerraView 2014S also includes expanded data synchronization, application customization, and administrative functions.


 Disconnected Operations

Offline Form Synchronization


Offline Form Submission

Capture and store form information for deferred synchronization when working offline to ensure the flow of information.  

Device Locked Application Hosting


Device Locked Application Hosting

Secure standalone instances of TerraView to prevent unauthorized use on uncontrolled hardware. 

Distributable Product Packaging


Distributable Offline Product Package

Efficiently deploy TerraView on disconnected devices with a packaged .exe installer. 

 Data Synchronization

Processing Diagnostics


Processing Diagnostics

Gather and return processing errors back to the client to verify upload and download data syncs are performed correctly. 

Federated Server Synchronization


Distributed File Synchronization

Automate server synchronization for files stored across distributed cloud systems.  

Dual Phased Server Synchronization


Dual-phased Server Authentication

Verify server connections for disconnected systems with an optional server/device authentication protocol.  

Large Scale Standalone Instance Support


Large-scale Standalone Instance Support

Streamline the flow of data across extensive user groups through simplified data presentation.   

Automated Remote Device Versioning


Automated Remote Device Versioning

Simplify device administration by triggering TerraView application updates for remote devices through a central server. 

  Mobile Device Support

Adaptive mobile site entry


Adaptive Mobile Site Entry

Dynamically access TerraView content with automatic redirection to the appropriate display configuration. 

Enhanced Mobile Interface


Enhanced Mobile Interface

Improve application navigation and content access with new mobile-specific buttons, navigation tabs, and menu bar. 


Mobile Docbook Viewing

Mobile DITA and Docbook Viewing

More easily view technical documents with responsive mobile support for viewing DITA maps and Docbook documents.


Mobile Form Editing


Mobile Form Editing

Optimize form viewing and content entry through adaptive form structures that automatically scale for use on mobile screens. 

 Database Support

MarkLogic Support


MarkLogic Integration

Flexibly adopt database solutions according to application and scalability needs with out-of-the-box support for the MarkLogic7 NoSQL database.

 Application Customization

Customization Architecture


Customization Architecture

Economize the process of updating custom images, stylesheets, queries, and forms across applications. 

 Administrative Tools

Admin Configuration Form


Administration Configuration Forms

Quickly and consistently apply administrative rules with a new forms-based interface for system configuration.